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Other cruises

  • Halong Sparrow Cruise

    Halong Sparrow Cruise

    Public rate: 179USD / pax
    Hot price FROM: 135USD / pax

    Halong Sparrow Cruise is new brand in 2017 in Halong bay. The wooden boat with traditional style will bring you ...

  • Halong Garden Bay Premium Cruise

    Halong Garden Bay Premium Cruise

    Public rate: 140USD / pax
    hot price FROM: 130USD / pax

    Halong Garden Bay Premium Cruise is the best choice in the middle rank in Halong bay. The cruise will take ...

  • Halong La Vela Cruises

    Halong La Vela Cruises

    Public rate: 189USD / pax
    Hot price FROM: 135USD / pax

    Welcome to Halong La Vela Cruise team - the newest brand in Halong bay, including La Vela Classic and La ...

  • Halong Syrena Cruise

    Halong Syrena Cruise

    Public price: 195USD / pax
    Hot price FROM: 125USD / pax

    Syrena Cruises offers you the day cruise on Halong Bay. You will visit the most famous sightseeing spots in magnificent ...

  • Halong Lafairy Sails

    Halong Lafairy Sails

    Public rate: 195USD / pax
    Hot price FROM: 155USD / pax

    A LaFairy cruise will take you through Halong Bay’s natural wonders, and beyond into less traveled waters, all while you ...

Deluxe Cruises

Vietnam Tonkin Travel recommends & offers you many deluxe cruise options in Halong bay with the best price & experiences. You will have chance to enjoy exciting activities: kayaking, swimming, caving, fishing village tours....

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