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  • Halong Paradise Elegance Cruise

    Halong Paradise Elegance Cruise

    Public Price: 170USD / pax
    Hot price FROM: 150USD / pax

    Welcome to Halong Paradise Elegance luxury cruises - the newest brand name in Halong bay. Our luxury steel ship will ...

  • Halong Rosa Cruise

    Halong Rosa Cruise

    Public rate: 165USD / pax
    Hot price FROM: 115USD / pax

    Rosa Halong Cruise is new brand in Halong bay. With 9 cabin & 20 passengers maximum, Halong Rosa Cruise will ...

  • Halong Alisa Cruise

    Halong Alisa Cruise

    Public rate: 190USD / pax
    Hot price FROM: 150USD / pax

    Welcome to Halong bay - the word heritage site in Vietnam & Alisa Cruise is a must do. Our Halong ...

  • Halong Orchid Cruise

    Halong Orchid Cruise

    Public rate: 250USD / pax
    Hot price FROM: 220USD / pax

    Welcome to Halong Luxury Orchid Cruise - one of the most luxury cruise services & the newest brand in Halong ...

  • Halong Silversea Cruise

    Halong Silversea Cruise

    Public rate: 199USD / pax
    Hot Price FROM: 120USD / pax

    Halong Silversea Cruise is the newest iron boat in Halong bay with 18 cabins, the cruise will bring you a ...

  • Halong Royal Wing Cruise

    Halong Royal Wing Cruise

    Public rate: 220USD / pax
    Hot price FROM: 150USD / pax

    Welcome to Halong Royal wing cruise. This brand new boat is magnificent. You will be treated like royalty on our ...

  • Halong Aphrodite Cruises

    Halong Aphrodite Cruises

    Public rate: 250USD / pax
    Hot price FROM: 150USD / pax

    Halong bay is an amazing place & a must do in Vietnam. If you are finding the best cruise for ...

  • Legacy Legend Cruise

    Legacy Legend Cruise

    Public rate: 175USD / pax
    Hot price FROM: 135USD / pax

    Halong Legacy Legend is a boutique cruise in Halong bay. The boat is suite for small group and will be your ...

  • Halong Jasmine Cruise

    Halong Jasmine Cruise

    Public rate: 239USD / pax
    Hot price FROM: 150USD / pax

    The Jasmine Cruise is built in the style of a traditional Vietnamese junk, with three tawny sails and dark wood-cladding. ...

  • Paradise Peak Cruises

    Paradise Peak Cruises

    Public rate: 450USD / pax
    Hot Price FROM: 300USD / pax

    Paradise Peak is the most luxury cruise in Halong bay. You will have an amazing experience in luxury service, we ...

  • Paradise Explorer cruises

    Paradise Explorer cruises

    Public rate: 215USD / pax
    Hot Price FROM: 120USD / pax

    Welcome to Halong Paradise Explorer Cruise - the only one five star boat for Day tour in Halong bay & ...

  • Dragon Legend Cruises

    Dragon Legend Cruises

    Public: 335USD / pax
    Hot Price FROM: 250USD / pax

    You will have a golden holiday in Halong bay with our cruises. Dragon Legend Cruise will bring you a comfortable ...