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  • Lan Ha Legend Cruise

    Lan Ha Legend Cruise

    Public rate: 145USD / pax
    Hot price FROM: 125USD / pax

    Lan Ha Legend Cruise visits Halong bay & Lan Ha bay with lots of interesting activities: do kayaking & swimming ...

  • Halong Party Cruise

    Halong Party Cruise

    Public rate: 89USD / pax
    Hot price FROM: 65USD / pax

    If you’re a backpacker, young traveler or fun loving vacationer looking for beautiful scenery, adventure, and the chance to make ...

  • Halong Fantasy Cruise

    Halong Fantasy Cruise

    Public rate: 125USD / pax
    Hot price FROM: 95USD / pax

    If you are budget travellers and would like to visit Halong bay, overnight on sleeping boat - we can make ...

  • Halong Emeraude Cruise

    Halong Emeraude Cruise

    Public rate: 215USD / pax
    Hot price FROM: 135USD / pax

    Halong Emeraude Cruise was built in French style by French and is one of the most beautiful sleeping boat in ...

  • Halong Silversea Cruise

    Halong Silversea Cruise

    Public rate: 199USD / pax
    Hot Price FROM: 120USD / pax

    Halong Silversea Cruise is the newest iron boat in Halong bay with 18 cabins, the cruise will bring you a ...

  • Bhaya Legend Cruises

    Bhaya Legend Cruises

    Public rate: 550USD / pax
    Hot price FROM: 300USD / pax

    Welcome to Halong Bhaya Legend private junks in Halong, the cruises offer the luxury services and accommodation that will bring ...

  • Bhaya Classic Cruises

    Bhaya Classic Cruises

    Public rate: 290USD / pax
    Hot price FROM: 150USD / pax

    You will have an amazing holiday in Halong bay with Bhaya classic - the finest deluxe cruise in Halong bay. ...

  • Halong Violet Cruise

    Halong Violet Cruise

    Public rate: 475USD / pax
    Hot price FROM: 275USD / pax

    The Violet is small and exquisite sleeping cruise in Halong and that's a perfect choice for couple, small family who ...

  • Halong Ginger cruise

    Halong Ginger cruise

    Public rate: 249USD / pax
    Hot price FROM: 160USD / pax

    Built to resemble a traditional wooden junk, the Ginger Cruise will bring you a comfortable holiday in halong bay. With ...

  • Halong Jasmine Cruise

    Halong Jasmine Cruise

    Public rate: 239USD / pax
    Hot price FROM: 150USD / pax

    The Jasmine Cruise is built in the style of a traditional Vietnamese junk, with three tawny sails and dark wood-cladding. ...

  • Halong Au Co Cruises

    Halong Au Co Cruises

    Public: 490USD / pax
    Hot Price FROM: 450USD / pax

    The Au Co is a unique Vietnam cruise. Our three days two night cruise is the first of its kind, ...