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Deluxe Cruises

Vietnam Tonkin Travel recommends & offers you many deluxe cruise options in Halong bay with the best price & experiences. You will have chance to enjoy exciting activities: kayaking, swimming, caving, fishing village tours....

  • Halong Royal Palace Cruise

    Halong Royal Palace Cruise

    Public rate: 175USD / pax
    Hot price FROM: 135USD / pax

    Halong Royal Palace Cruise is one of the most beautiful cruise in Halong bay with Vietnam traditional style. The cruise ...

  • Halong Aclass Legend Cruise

    Halong Aclass Legend Cruise

    Public rate: 175USD / pax
    Hot price FROM: 135USD / pax

    Halong Aclass Legend Cruise will take you to visit Halong bay and Lan ha bay, you will have chance to ...

  • Legacy Legend Cruise

    Legacy Legend Cruise

    Public rate: 165USD / pax
    Hot price FROM: 125USD / pax

    Halong Legacy Legend is a boutique cruise in Halong bay. The boat is suite for small group and will be your ...

  • Halong Glory Legend Cruise

    Halong Glory Legend Cruise

    Public Rate: 179USD / pax
    Hot Price FROM: 135USD / pax

    Welcome to Halong Glory Legend - the amazing floating hotel in the Halong bay. Your stay will be interesting and busy ...

  • Halong Garden Bay cruise

    Halong Garden Bay cruise

    Public rate: 185USD / pax
    Hot price FROM: 135USD / pax

    Welcome to Garden Bay cruise - With the modern facilities & traditional wooden style will bring you the most comfortable feelings in Halong ...

  • Halong Viola Cruise

    Halong Viola Cruise

    Public rate: 190USD / pax
    Hot price FROM: 129USD / pax

    Welcome to Halong Viola Cruise - the four star cruise in Halong bay will bring you an amazing holiday in ...

  • Halong Pelican Cruise

    Halong Pelican Cruise

    Public rate: 215USD / pax
    Hot price FROM: 155USD / pax

    Halong Pelican cruise is five star boat in Halong bay & look like Floating hotel in the bay. You will ...

  • Huong Hai Sealife

    Huong Hai Sealife

    Public rate: 195USD / pax
    Hot price FROM: 135USD / pax

    You will have a luxury stay on the brand new 5 star, bring the most convenient and fantastic trip for ...

  • Halong Starlight Cruise

    Halong Starlight Cruise

    Public: 290USD / pax
    Hot Price FROM: 150USD / pax

    Starlight Cruise is the only luxury cruise in Halong bay has got mini-golf on the sundeck, bring you amazing time ...

  • Halong Grayline Cruise

    Halong Grayline Cruise

    Public: 169USD / pax
    Hot Price FROM: 125USD / pax

    Halong Gray line cruise is one of the finest deluxe cruise in Halong bay with the Unique in style boat. ...

  • Halong Paloma Cruise

    Halong Paloma Cruise

    Public rate: 190USD / pax
    Hot price FROM: 140USD / pax

    Welcome to Halong Paloma Cruise - Where you will have amazing holiday in the beatiful bay with the luxury services & ...